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I shot this video earlier in the day. Matter of fact, right after my Hypocrisy review. Some of you will probably get pissed off at me over it, and I’m aware it’ll happen. I’m not insulting anyone or any thing in particular outside of citing… examples to help people understand a point. None of it is an attack on anything but the mentality of some people in the Metal world today. I sat here and watched the clip a few times, debated on whether I should post this or not, mostly because I’m afraid of pissing off close, personal friends. But, in the end, this is my personal opinion, and if these people, who know my stances on the Metal community, can’t accept my feelings towards the topics I cover, then it just proves my point further. This is not meant to anger, hurt, put down, or destroy any one or group of people. It is an opinion, and that I felt needed to be expressed.

To be honest, in no way did I think anyone would actually care what I had to say about this subject. But, Facebook is proving me wrong. So, since apparently some people do seem to be interested in this video, I decided to just go ahead and post it here instead of just keeping it a buried video on the Youtube channel.