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Well, anyone who has been on here as of late probably has noticed the lack of content. I wish I had a better explanation other than the world just got ahead of me. As many of you know, I suffered a massive multiple sclerosis flare up almost two years ago due to medical negligence. During this time I also suffered from a pressure cyst on my ass (again, medical negligence while in the hospital) at the same time I suffered minor kidney failure, my father passed away, I spent seven months in an old folks home because that’s the only place with a vacancy my insurance would cover, and my fiancée’s grandfather passed away (and stayed in the same hell I was stuck in and was treated in the worst way possible) leaving me there instead of at home to comfort her.

To say 2016 into 2017 was hell would be an understatement. I had a mental breakdown one night when my health was giving me problems, screaming I didn’t want to go back [to the retirement home/skilled nursing assisted living facility]. If it wasn’t for the therapy team and a few members of staff, I’d probably have gone mad. My outpatient therapy has concluded, and I’m still in a wheelchair and cannot move about anywhere near what I was like when the attack hit. In short, as many told me: I’ll probably never walk again.

However, that’s proving to not be true. The outpatient therapy coupled with an “experimental” medication I was on once before is rebuilding my leg strength, and I can walk short distances with a walker. Sadly, my body has taken on the shape of the wheel chair, and the hell I was in did nothing to prevent it and how my muscles strengthened and reformed in an awkward way that makes it harder to walk than it really should be. I’m a slumped over cross-legged man struggling to get back on his feet, and I’m overcoming the odds with my persistance, and the assistance of others.

While metal has always been there to comfort and console me, given the nightmare I went through I sunk back into gaming, hence the surge of Youtube and Twitch activity as of late. In all honesty, I genuinely love doing it. I’ve made some new acquaintances on-line, have met new and interesting people, and have been able to put this nightmare behind me at least an hour or two a week. But, while I intend to continue this, it’s about time to dive back into the metal now that I am in the right state of mind once more.

As of late I have been checking out a number of albums I missed out on, and the past week have been listening to the new Korpiklaani and Pissboiler albums. I’ve sampled the new Powerworlf, and at the moment have the new Unholy Baptism playing in the background as I type this out. My goal is to have some coverage of those at some point as well. It feels great to be back with an open mind, diving into the world of metal once more while connecting on ak more personal level through my first love: Gaming. So, please stand by while I try to get this site back under control while expanding the new horizon laid out in front of me.

Until then, follow me on social media (all links are above except for Twitch) for any and all updates. I will announce when I post something new, and when I go live next. Thank you for sticking around.