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Some days, it’s just madness. Record labels will upload a few new videos a day, or announce a number of audio streams all at once, and it’s hard to keep up with them! Well, I try my damndest to do so through press releases, Youtube subscriptions, and general surfing the internet. Here’s the recap of everything that came my way on May 10th, 2012…


Sabaton and Nuclear Blast Records issued a lyric video for the song “A Lifetime of War” in both English and Swedish. The English version is what you can find below, and the Swedish version should be easy enough to find on the same page.

Ringworm and Victory Records have also issued an audio stream of the song “Used Up, Spit Out” as a Youtube video. You can check it out below directly from the label’s account.

Victory Records wasn’t done though, and through Vevo presented the latest music video by The Bunny The Bear for their latest song “Lonely.” It’s due off their upcoming album The Stomach For It.

And while you’re at it, you can also check out the new Architects UK music video, “Alpha Omega,” which posted to Youtube thanks to Century Media. The song comes off the album Daybreaker.

Of course that’s far from everything Century Media brings their fans today. There’s also the new Marduk music video for “Souls of Belial,” which comes off their upcoming full-length Serpent Sermon.

And let’s not forget the new Spineshank audio stream to Youtube video “Nothing Left for Me,” which comes off their upcoming Anger Denial Acceptance album.

But one of the most surprising bits to hit the net was the music video for “Passageways” by Tombs thanks to Scion A/V. The song comes off their 2011 album, Path of Totality.

Oh, yeah, and then there was also Roadrunner Records issuing the new KoRllex (KoRn) video for “Way to Far.” Check it out if you want to since it’s right below this text…


Tesseract and Century Media Records have a stream of “Dream Brothers” going on through Soundcloud at Metal Hammer. The audio can be heard here.

Dying Fetus and Relapse Records have given Revolver the first audio stream of the upcoming Reign Supreme album. However, you can just listen to that song here instead if you want!