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Surveying the Damned: The Pattern

North-Platte, Nebraska-based metallers SURVEYING THE DAMNED recently inked an exclusive deal with the Canadian underground metal/rock label Mulligore Production.

”We are extremely excited to sign with Mulligore,” the band states. ”Taking the step to being on a label has been a dream for us for a long time, and the people at Mulligore really are about helping us out, and giving us the freedom to make the music we want to make. Now we’re gonna hit it hard to give you all an album that will make all of our fans proud.”

Surveying the Damned is a metal band out of the small town of North Platte, Ne. Started as a recording project between Vocalist John Hunt and Guitar player Larry Sandoval, they eventually added bass player Jennifer Hunt and founding drummer Jimmy Hated. They began playing frequently around the region and released their debut EP “The Pattern” in March 2014. In Fall of that year, Jimmy departed the band, but was quickly replaced by longtime friend of the band Zach Stymiest on drums. Describing their sound as Scrap Metal, Larry had this to say about their style: “We don’t really want to fit one specific subgenre. We listen to all different kinds of music, and really try to stick a little bit of it all in our writing. We have an overall mindset to keep it heavy, and not to pigeonhole ourselves too much. Other than that, if we think it sounds good, we keep it. We like the idea of being able to play a show with grindcore bands one night, and radio metal bands the next, and be able to hang at both shows.”

A lyric video for the track ”The Pattern” can be viewed HERE:

Surveying the Damned

Press release provided by Mulligore Productions.