Road Rage – Candlemass: Death Thy Lover

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When it comes to Candlemass, I’m all for pretty much dropping everything I’m doing and slapping their latest on at maximum volume the very first chance I get. So was the case with their brand new four song EP Death Thy Lover, which is due out next week through Napalm Records. An unexpected random promo in the ol’ inbox, I quickly grabbed the files, loaded up my MP3 player, and hit the road to complete some chores to one of my favorite metal groups that I shamefully admit to owning very little by beyond their recent material dating back to the recent reformation. And, much like their more recent album Psalms for the Dead, I found myself merely coasting from one location to the next with the same perplexed look on my face the entire twenty-six minutes this release was on.

Road Rage – Candlemass: Psalms for the Dead

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I may not have a large Candlemass library, but this is one band I’ve always loved and greatly respected. I consider their material, especially the early releases, the stereotypical definition of what Metal is to those who don’t know. The music is often creepy, brooding, ominous, and in a way some of the most artistic music you’ll come across within the ever widening field of the Metal way of life. I was not really aware that they had signed to Napalm Records, but when the promo for their eleventh studio full-length dropped in my inbox, I immediately slapped that sucker on a back-up and took to the backroads.