Metal Review – Falconer: Black Moon Rising

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Falconer is just one of those bands that has the tendencies to do no wrong. This group came about when Viking Metal band Mithotyn dissolved and Stefan Weinerhall recruited fellow bandmates Karsten Larsson (drums) and Mathias Blad (vocals) in order to keep its spirit alive. Their self-titled debut in 2001 kicked the doors in for the band, and 2002’s Chapters from a Vale Forlorn literally blew them up with their signature minstrel vocals against the perfect balance of Power Metal and soothing Folk Metal. Sadly it wasn’t long after that the line-up changes, including Kristoffer Gobel on vocal duties for the following two albums, leading Falconer in a different direction all together. Come 2006’s Northwind, Mathias returned, and the formula was complete once more. Black Moon Rising marks the band’s eighth studio full-length, and with fans chomping at the bit for more following the release of its lead single “Locust Swarm,” does this new outing continue the tried-and-true sound, or has Falconer drifted away to new territories once more?

Falconer: Chapters from a Vale Forlorn

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Chapters from a Vale Forlorn marks the second full-length effort of the Swedish Folk/Power Metal act Falconer. While their debut self-title effort showed the group with a strong idea and drive to move forward with it, this effort is the album that cements the group’s foundation nicely, though there really isn’t all that much of a change to the already professional and tight sound on their previous release. Chapters from a Vale Forlorn has become one of the band’s most notable ventures as well, and for good reason, as this heavy sounding album still retained enough of a lighter presence with catchy material to capture the imaginations of the existing fan base, as well as catch the ear of anyone who hasn’t given this prominant group a shot at the point of the career this effort was released. But, does this album really hold the listener from start to finish like many make it able to do?