First – Helloween: Straight Out of Hell

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Helloween: Straight out of Hell

I had no idea that Helloween had a new album coming out, let alone that it was due out in January of 2013 through The End Records. I always welcome a new album by this group, especially given how much I loved their most recent effort, 7 Sinners. I was especially stoked to hear that this one follows much of the music style laid out on that album, but left behind much of the “doom and gloom” the band had been working with. With a promise that “These songs will kick even the laziest listener’s ass,” I couldn’t help but dive in head first for at least a little taste of what’s to come.

Review – Helloween: 7 Sinners

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Helloween is a band that any Metal fan knows the name of, known mostly for their two-part conceptual albums “Keeper of the Seven Keys”, which the band concluded later in their career with a third installment. Over the years, the band has taken their music into various directions for the Power and Speed Metal styles, having their share of albums that were met with praise, as well as disgust by critics, as well as their fan base. However, it seems that today, many bands that really headed the Metal movement in the eighties have been returning to their roots, and really just blowing listeners away with releases that their fans had hoped to once again hear, and Helloween is no exception. Their previous release, Gambling with the Devil received much praise all around the board, and the group tries to capture the same attitude and Metal feel with the follow-up to that release, entitled 7 Sinners, and they seem to do a great job of it.