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Review – Iced Earth: Incorruptible

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Iced Earth: A band whose name brings up a great deal of praise and nostalgia within the metal community. The group’s signature sound has led to the release of a number of classic albums since storming on the scene in 1990 with their self-titled debut and renowned follow-up Night of the Stormrider a year later. They have gone through a number of vital line-up changes since then, but have always come out strong until recent years. Despite mixed reception to the prior two albums featuring new vocalist Stu Block, the group continues to carry on, evident with their latest offering Incorruptible, their thirteenth studio full-length. But is it a return to the aggressive early days as the lead single “Seven Headed Whore” alludes to, or is that tease simply a mask on the face of the deceiver?

Apocalyptic Visuals: June 8th, 2013

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Here’s your daily dose of Metal music videos! Here are ten hand selected videos from Metal’s past, up to today. Also, do yourself a favor and wait on the last song to start. The intro is a bit extensive but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you have a sense of humor…

Today’s playlist include videos from Pain, Orden Ogan, Pantera, Dark Funeral, U.D.O., Enslaved, Deicide, Iced Earth, Suidakra, and In Defence!