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Vlog – Report: Sony Music Acquires Century Media Records

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It has become public knowledge at this point that Sony is interested in Century Media Records. I’m not entirely sure at this time if it has happened or not, as it is just a report that is circulating, but there’s enough worth discussing. Will it be a good thing? Will it be a bad thing? Everyone has their own opinion, so I felt I should throw mine into the mix. Check out what I think of this situation in this video.

Review – In Flames: Siren Charms (Deluxe Edition)

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In 2010, the only remaining founding member of In Flames, Jesper Stromblad, officially parted ways with the group. This left the oldest members being vocalist Anders Friden and drummer turned guitarist Bjorn Gelotte. The rest of the crew came about around the time of Colony, having bassist Peter Iwers and guitarist Niclas Engelin join, the latter having left in 1998 and return as Jesper’s replacement in 2011. Rounding out the line-up is drummer Daniel Svensson, who joined in 1998. In 2011, the group issued one of their strongest efforts in a while, Sounds of a Playground Fading, which was met with scores all across the board. But with that example of sleek Melodic Death Metal behind us, we see the band take on a new direction for 2014, a much lighter one that mixes Hard Rock and Alternative with hints of Groove Metal on the now largely mainstream sounding Epic Records. Sure, the label itself is a telling sign, but does it mean the band’s material is as much a waste as a good majority of the labels discography, or is even the plastic the album is pressed on a slap in the face?

Discussing In Flames

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When it comes to Melodic Death Metal, everyone has their band of choice. A lot will go with the pioneers of the style, such as Carcass, At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity, even later acts like Soilwork, all of which put out some great material over the years. But, for me, it’s always been In Flames. I was first introduced to not only this band, but also this style thanks to their album Colony. Back then, it was easily one of the most amazing albums I’d ever heard, but even with the fact that it was one of the first of the genre for me, to this day it still is one of my favorites. From there I began to branch out slowly, discover new acts in the style such as Dark Tranquillity and the aforementioned Carcass, both early Goregrind and latter Melodic Death Metal days. I also began to unearth some of this group’s earlier material. But, more importantly, I watched them continue to change.

Metal Review – In Flames: Where the Dead Ships Well

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In Flames: Where the Dead Ships Dwell

When it comes to Melodic Death Metal, no band has more of a household name then In Flames. Since the start of their career, their music has become both legendary and infamous. For many, it’s their first two albums only that really sum up what made this band great in the first place. For others, it’s albums like Colony and Clayman, and even some of their later works. However, with many bands in the Melodic Death Metal field like Soilwork and most recently The Haunted straying into mixing the sound with a more Alternative Rock or Modern Rock sound, it just makes sense that In Flames would gradually start mixing that sound in with theirs. All of that gradual change through recent albums aside the astonishing Come Clarity comes full circle for the group’s tenth full-length recording, Where the Dead Ships Dwell.