Review – Meshuggah: The Violent Sleep of Reason

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Sweden’s Meshuggah is one of those groups that pretty much every fan of metal either has an opinion about, or at least knows the name of. From their technical groove and thrash metal roots to their extensive one song performances and recent aid in the cementing of the “djent” style, its hard to look past the group’s contributions since officially coming together in 1988 (not counting their earlier time as Calipash). With eight studio albums down, the five-piece present their latest offering titled The Violent Sleep of Reason which, at this point, is not being looked at too favorably from fans due to the promotional material that has been made available up to this point. But does this stand tall within the recent discography, or is it just something different?

My Favorite/Least Favorite Meshuggah Releases

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I discovered Meshuggah in the early ages of my Metal rebirth. You know, that time when you discover Metal and find yourself growing into the culture and leaving behind the false ideas of the sugar covered pop cultures and fake gangsta’s selling songs about how better off in life they are than you while setting their ancestors back with the updated use of their own hated slur. At least that’s what happened to me. Yes, at one point I listened to acts like Matchbox Twenty, Jay-Z and even the Wu-Tang Clan prior to finally finding my real home. While this ian’t one of the first bands I ever heard, nor the group that grounded me to this life, they were definitely up there in my early years. I had heard bits and pieces off their Destroy Erase Improve album thanks to a local college radio station’s weekly Monday metal program. Hearing “Future Breed Machine” and “Transfixion” instantly had me hooked on their sound, though the local music store didn’t carry the album, and I wasn’t old enough to have a credit or debit card to order a copy on-line.