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Review – Six Feet Under: Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest

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It’s been about six years since Six Feet Under unleashed their latest cover album, a trend that seems to have been established following the release of their second Graveyard Classics offering back in 2004. While the group has covered a mixture of rock and metal songs in the past, and an entire AC/DC album in 2004, we’re now given a collection of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden covers not long after their last original full-length, Crypt of the Devil, which dropped in May of 2015. With interest beginning to wane with fans who often look at this now as an abused series with good intent, can this new venture take the classics into a brave new world, or does this fourth installment fail to leave you hellbent for leather?

First – Six Feet Under: Crypt of the Devil

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Regular readers to this site know by now that when a new Six Feet Under album shows up, I drop everything. From crushing groove filled Death Metal to covering AC/DC, for better or worse, Chris Barnes and company have always been up there in my all time favorite Metal bands. I purposely avoid checking out any new songs unleashed leading up to the full-length, just so I can hear everything in context from the start and make that first spin through a clean experience. So, if you can’t tell from this build up, I threw in their new album Crypt of the Devil, and have a few things to say before I get the review close to the album’s actual release date.

Vlog – Six Feet Under: Unborn

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Six Feet Under: Unborn

Roughly a year after their 2012 album, Undead, Six Feet Under returns with a follow-up release. Unborn marks the thirteenth one from the group since forming back in 1993. The Death Metal, Groove Metal group seem to have returned to their roots lately, which was a welcome approach that fans have been dying to hear once more. But, does this effort live up to the growth they have shown on the past few recordings, or is Unborn something that should be just as the title says.

First – Six Feet Under: Undead

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Six Feet Under: Undead

As a fan of Six Feet Under, I’ve bought and heard the band go through plenty of changes. I’m always ready to bang my head to Haunted and Warpath, and even own their Death ‘n Roll material including all three Graveyard Classics compilations. So, it’s an honor to be able to sit back and get the chance to be one of the first to check out their upcoming album, Undead. Today I received a three song sampler that Metal Blade Records has sent out to members of press, which I have currently paused and loaded. While I’m writing this, my palette has been cleansed. I have not hit the play button, I just wrapped up a review, and I am sitting now with the only sound being the hum of the central air blowing above me in this room. With anticipation killing me as I crank my speakers up and crack my knuckles, neck, back, and chest (the latter a rather bad decision), I brace myself for what Six Feet Under has to offer their fans under the banner of Undead, hoping for the best, while fearing the potential worst…