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A Tempered Heart

Melancholic Goth Metal act A TemperedHeart reveals the cover artwork of their long time awaited new album, which will receive the title of “Loneliness and Mournful Lights”.

The artwork cover has been designed by the artist Alexis Pujol, who worked with the band in their previous opus. More info about him can be found at and

A Tempered Heart: Loneliness and Mournful Lights

Track list:
2.Under your silent shadow
3.The Distance in the sand
4.An old brief letter
5.In your blackened arms
6.Doomsday particle
7.Sink into oblivion
8.Redemption through scars
9.Loneliness and mournful lights
10.At the immense shore
11.Where the ocean lies
12.Nunca volverás (Metal Version by A Tempered Heart)

The album has been recorded in the Hell Studios from Villareal, Spain with Ruk Nebur (Killus guitarist) and produced by Ruk Nebur and A Tempered Heart.

Spanish Release Date: May 26th
Europe & Worldwide: June 16th

A Tempered Heart

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