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Thantifaxath: Sacred White Noise

Major music portal Stereogum is now streaming THANTIFAXATH’s second Dark Descent Records offering and debut full-length “Sacred White Noise” in full.

Described as “technically ambitious, intensely heavy, oddly melodic atmospheric black metal” you can experience the horror HERE.

A previous stream of “The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel” via Noisey (listen here) was praised as “incendiary, discordant and blistering black metal”.

THANTIFAXATH is a nameless, faceless entity, manifested by a trio of Toronto musicians and swathed in ritual. The band’s first release was an eponymous EP that surfaced in 2011 via the Colorado label Dark Descent to copious acclaim from the underground and press alike.

Now, at the dawn of a new year, THANTIFAXATH have returned to lay waste to North America’s black metal landscape with their full-length debut. Entitled “Sacred White Noise”, the work offers six tracks’ worth of atmospheric yet rabidly aggressive black metal art, and will be available via Dark Descent in CD & digital formats come April 15th, 2014 with a limited edition vinyl version to follow swiftly thereafter.

As part of their initial avalanche of accolades, they’ve been hailed by Cvlt Nation: “Every bloodthirsty riff expands on its predecessor and carries the weight of something immensely dark and disquieting. Their music truly is a connection to something otherworldly. Words cannot totally justify this demo,” and described thusly by Metal Bandcamp: “These clandestine Torontonians have shown a proficiency and sound unparalleled in the sea of North American black metal.”

In tune with like-minded countrymen Sortilegia and Sylvus, THANTIFAXATH pushes the boundaries of black metal orthodoxy whilst paying tribute to its raw, frozen roots.


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