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The Slow Death: Ark

Ark, the new album from Australian Doom Lords THE SLOW DEATH is out now on Chaos Records. Stream the album in its entirety here:

Mournful and beautiful, Ark comes on the heels of the band’s 2014 Chaos Records split release with MAJESTIC DOWNFALL. Ark is available as a limited edition (1,000 copies) 6-panel digipak with 16-page booklet. Order the album at this location.

Ark crawls along the bottom of humanity’s vast ocean of misery through six masterfully arranged tracks of Funeral Doom. The sense of dread is omnipresent, yet so is the dark, chilling beauty of compositions that are surprisingly varied. Whether the stunning contrast of Gregg Williamson’s cavernous growl to Mandy Andresen’s (MURKRAT) ghostly croon, the seamless movement between crushing riffs and melancholic picking, or the bleak, windswept keyboard soundscapes, the one certainty is that Ark is destined to be among 2015’s most celebrated Doom releases.

THE SLOW DEATH was formed in 2007 by Stuart Prickett (BACKYARD MORTUARY, STONE WINGS), Gregg Williamson, and Mandy Andresen (MURKRAT) after Stuart’s previous doom band STONE WINGS split up. The first self-titled album was recorded during 2007/2008 and was self-released released in 2008 to great feedback (and was repressed in 2013 by Aurora Australis records). The next few years were spent writing and recording the second album II with the addition of John McLaughlin on drums. II was self-released in 2012 to excellent reviews and increased the popularity of the band significantly. In 2013 Dan Garcia and Brett Campbell (PALLBEARER) were added to the lineup which was now a sextet and a split album with Majestic Downfall and a third full length Ark were recorded over 2013 and 2014. The split was released by Chaos Records in September 2014.

The Slow Death

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