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The buzz about the internet is that 2013 has produced very few good Doom Metal albums so far. While I tend to agree, there are still some solid efforts I came across so far that many either are overlooking, or just haven’t heard yet. So, I figured it is about time to buckle down and talk about the five Doom Metal albums that really stood out to me this year. Whether you agree with me or not, the following is a list of my personal favorites that you really should check out at this point.

#5 – Church of Misery: Thy Kingdom Scum
Church of Misery: Thy Kingdom Scum
Church of Misery is a name that nearly every fan of Doom Metal has heard of. With their strong focus on real life serial killers, this Doom and Stoner Metal group has produced plenty of quality albums over the year, and Thy Kingdom Scum, their fifth full-length, is definitely no exception. From heavy, trance-enducing rhythms to fun, upbeat, and trippy riffs that make the murderous lyrical content stand out a lot more, you can’t help but be pulled into this brutal world, and want to return shortly after.

#4 – Lair of the Minotaur: Godslayer EP
Lair of the Minotaur: Godslayer EP
Lair of the Minotaur is easily one of the most violent, spirit crushing Doom Metal infused groups to walk the Earth at this time, and their less than nine minute EP, Godslayer, is proof they still know how to incite a riot. The groups brand of “Battle Metal” in just these two songs is enough to make you want to run straight for the nearest living thing and rip it apart, piece by bloody piece. I have nothing more to say about this intense effort other than it will bludgeon you straight into the ground if you let it, and, really, is that such a bad thing?

#3 – Vit: The Dry Season
Vit: The Dry Season
When Handshake Inc. says they’re going to release a Doom album, you better expect them to deliver. The Dry Season by Vit is a surprisingly well done Doom Metal effort that has already quickly been left behind for no real reason other than lack of promotional compaigns. But, the main reason this is a Doom Metal album worth keeping on your radar is that the bludgeoning heaviness of the music is met with a lightener pitched audio quality that really does create a genuinely dry environmnt that is rarely seen in the Metal community, leaving you with a serious case of cottonmouth afrer just one spin through. It’s bleak, it’s desolate, and it’s one hell of an album.

#2 – Cathedral: The Last Spire
Cathedral: The Last Spire
One of the biggest names in the Doom Metal genre is saying farewell to their loyal fans (at least until they are paid enough money to perform a reunion gig years down the line and decide to stay reunited) with their final full-length album, The Last Spire. This one throws back to the group’s earliest days, but a far more crushing venture that puts their recent works to shame. While I haven’t yet reviewed it outside of a discussion refusing to let go, I did cave and give it a full spin and few times, and it was worth putting that final nail in the metaphoric coffin.

#1 – Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats: Mind Control
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats: Mind Control
At firt glance, Mind Control seems like an upbeat mixture of early Psychadelic Rock with a Doom Metal touch. But, once you dive deeper, you’ll see this is a far more twisted album than you initially expected. Each track on here tells a brief story of occults and murders, all with a catchy, often upbeat sound that you’ll instantly become addicted to. There isn’t a single track on this recording that will end up losing your attention, and solidify this newer group as one of the most important groups to the Doom Metal style today. If you’re a fan of the style, and you have the opportunity to buy only one of these five suggestions, this is the one that you need to experience if you haven’t already, and one of the few times you really do need to read into things too much in order to fully grasp what it is the band is trying to convey.