Review – ThreatPoint, Curse of Sorrow, Beyond Fallen – Diane’s Deli: 09/07/2013

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Review – ThreatPoint, Curse of Sorrow, Beyond Fallen – Diane’s Deli: 09/07/2013
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Beyond Fallen
ThreatPoint, The Curse of Sorrow, Beyond Fallen, Cause of Affliction
Pittston, Pennsylvania @ Diane’s Deli
September 7th, 2013

Diane’s Deli in Pittston, Pennsylvania played home to the record release party of local Metal veterans, Beyond Fallen. The recording in question is their brand new EP Machines of Corruption, the fourth official recording for them, and the cornerstone of their set for the night. Joining them on this tab was new comers ThreatPoint, and the already established Curse of Sorrow, as well as Cause of Affliction. As the house was pretty much packed right away, it was safe to assume this would be an amazing show. But, was it worth coming in for the very start?

Admittedly, I have never heard the other bands on the tab, and was mostly there to catch Beyond Fallen, so I was looking forward to experiencing some new bands. Up first was ThreatPoint and, even though it’ll probably make me seem snobbish, once the vocalist came out in a DevilDriver shirt, arm gauntlet, and looking like Dez Fafara’s older brother, I immediately had a feeling of what to expect. Sadly, I was kind of right. The first song of the set sounded like the music was ripped directly from an early DevilDriver track, and even the vocals sounded similar to that band’s earlier works. Thankfully, that wasn’t the only band they sounded close to this night.

“B.R.K.” showed a touch of Ministry in the performance, which you can easily pick up on in the track they have on their Facebook player, and “Pave the Way” was played with a good deal of enthusiasm with some solid riffs that had my head banging along. The songs themselves weren’t bad after that first song, varying in degrees of catchy material and just well done material that seemed to stick to the Groove Metal book. The band’s drummer, however, really stole the show, showing a hell of a lot more energy than the group’s own frontman, and infact stole my attention away from that man, the Wes Borlan moves of their guitarist, and the out of place mellowness of their bassist. This group clearly has some work to do with their live presence, and even their music.

Next was a local band that everyone kept telling me I needed to out and see, or at the very least hear on-line: The Curse of Sorrow. Given the Misfit‘s style outward appearance the band had on stage, it was a surprise to hear the band belt out material that seemed a mix of Soil and Buckcherry. The set was far from bad, and the energy the band had was rather infectious. The group’s vocalist, Nick Necro, however, did a superb job in getting the fans involved, and had a piercing stare he would throw towards random members of the audience. Since I couldn’t stand due to my health at the time, I had to sit during the set, and twice it felt like this stare was cast on me and my fiancée in an effort to get us out of our seat.

Much of the set was original material, though towards the end they belted out a few covers, including “Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden. The music to all three was on par, though the vocals to this one were a bit off. Of course, the screaming through out the entire set was a huge surprise, and a bit of a shame to hear for the music the band was playing. I was definitely impressed, but it did become obvious these guys have a bar band following given the fans that ploughed through the crowd to get to the front, and one guy who decided to start vogueing with devil horns instead of his palms. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience I doubt I’ll get anywhere else than at a The Curse of Sorrow performance.

And then it came time for Beyond Fallen to grace the stage. As soon as the band erupted, so did the crowd, and the room was packed as tight as it possibly could be. They played tracks from throughout their discography, and kept the new material towards the end of the set, all of which was met with approval by those in attendance, especially “Caligula,” which fans had a chance to check out on-line before the performance. But, most the most part, it was Beyond Fallen playing all the crowd favourites, and taking full advantage of the time they had to tear everyone a new one with Metal authority.

Despite being the third band to perform, it was obvious Beyond Fallen were the headliners. The band doesn’t seem to like being the final band, which is perfectly fine for the fans who come out to see them in particular. This was made even more obvious for the demands of “one more song” from the crowd, which the band happily gave. While a few people, including myself, cried for the pit favorite “Concrete Lucifer,” a song that apparently the band hates according to one of the members I spoke with, they ended the night with “Bringing Out the Dead.” The more I think about this night, I also don’t remember hearing “A Line in the Sand” or “Blood on the Ice,” but that might have been when I was in the bathroom with my attention elsewhere, and when I found out I had to leave soon due to reasons beyond my control.

While I was a little let down at the end not hearing my all time favorite Beyond Fallen song, in no way can I say it was a disappointing set. They still played plenty of other songs that I and many others love, such as the power house “Mask of Deception,” the classic “Bomb Inside Your Head,” and even “Mindfire.” Like any other Beyond Fallen concert, they put on a hell of a show, and prove they are one of the best currently unsigned Metal groups that North East Pennsylvania has to offer.

The final band of the night was another group I heard a lot about, Cause of Affliction. But, due to medical issues beyond my control, I immediately had to leave the show after Beyond Fallen‘s set. I did want to see this group perform and find out what the buzz was all about, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Sorry guys, I’ll try to make it out to another show you’re all on one of these nights.

Despite having to cut out one band early, the only one leaving me to want a little more out of them was ThreatPoint. If you haven’t seen The Curse of Sorrow, you won’t regret it, and of course Beyond Fallen did a superb job as usual. While all three bands weren’t really the same style of music, though ThreatPoint and Cause of Affliction are of the same genre, I had a blast jumping from one extreme to the other. I admit that I will definitely be keeping my eye on ThreatPoint, as I feel that with some extra time, a little more work on stage presence, they can put on a set that is a bit more cohesive and able to make the most generic and bland songs more invigorating.

Initial Pressing Score: 7.5/10