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Top 5 - Let's Talk Coffee

Coffee. It makes the world go round. It keeps us going that one more day. It also keeps this website alive. Let’s face it, life today isn’t easy, especially when you’re an adult that suffers from constant fatigue. Sometimes a kick ass Metal CD isn’t enough to wake me up and have me face the day, but throw in some coffee and I’m good to go! As much as I love talking about Metal, I’ve been in long conversations about coffee, energy drinks, and just caffeine itself, especially among my Metal brothers and sisters. So, with this in mind, I decided to go ahead and post my top five favorite coffees to pound along to a good, or even heinously bad Metal album.

#5 – Maxwell House (Original Roast)
Maxwell House (Original Roast)
Of all the big name major coffee bean products, this is easily my favorite. It just tastes so much better than the bile that is straight Folgers or Master’s Choice, though some of the special coffees from them are equally as good. Either way, a giant container of Maxwell House will last me a good while, and it usually don’t cost too much to feed my caffeine addiction and keep me going. There isn’t much of a bitter after taste either like some of the other big name brands out there, which means less sugar and creamer to dull the immediate impact.

#4 – Life is Good: S’mores to Love
Life is Good: S'mores to Love
Sometimes, you just want something rich in flavor other than the typical robust taste of the bean. And, sometimes, you just want to do something nice at the same time. Sometimes… And that’s where Life is Good comes in. They are responsible for the S’mores to Love blend, which is literally dessert in coffee form. The amount of flavor this little bag has is intense, as if you just poured some kind of syrup right into the cup. It’s delicious, but a bit overwhelming at times. It does pack a nice kick, usually only one cup being enough to keep me going most of the day.

Another reason this is a favorite of mine is that ten percent of the funds from the sale of their coffee goes to helping children with illnesses. As someone who suffered with an illness as a kid, and even as an adult have health complications, I can’t help but pick up a bag when I run low. Not to feel better about myself, but because it does go to a good cause. If you happen to see this brand and flavor, I cannot suggest you grab this enough.

Since this is more of a gourmet coffee and may be hard to find, here’s a link to the official Official Website

#3 – Gevalia (Traditional Roast)
Gevalia (Traditional Roast)
When I first saw Gevalia on the local grocery store shelves and noticed it was a company founded in Sweden, well I had to try it! Some of my favorite Metal bands come from there! I’ve tried various blends and roasts from them, and there are some fancier kinds I enjoy, such as the recent Mocha Latte K-Cups, but I always lean more towards their Traditional Roast. This also is one of the few coffees I’ve seen with such fine grounds. It’s an interesting texture that is a bitch on my reusable Keurig K-Cups, but worth the struggle. I just wish the official K-Cup coffee packs didn’t cost so much…

Either way, Gevalia always hits the spot. With a little sugar and the right creamer, it becomes a smooth drink I can throw down any time, awake or still dead to the world. Yeah the Traditional Roast is a bit bitter, but a cup of Johan goes a long way for me. The kick I get usually is enough to last me a few hours, which says a lot considering my high tolerance to caffeine at this point. If I ever needed a direct line of coffee injected into my system, this is one I would highly consider.

#2 – Nightmare Records: Awakenings (Dark Roast)
Nightmare Records: Awakenings (Dark Roast)
What can possibly be more Metal than a Metal coffee you buy from a Metal record label run by a Metal musician? Awakenings is the brainchild of Lance King, the man involved with Nightmare Records, and it’s clearly one of my favorites. Awakenings is a really smooth coffee, clearly a medium roast, and one I can drink without any sugar or creamer, which is an epic plus for me. The buzz from the caffeine isn’t as strong as I would hope, neither is the supposed chocolate undertone. Sadly, that’s something I can’t even taste. But, hey, it cuts some extra sugar from my daily routine, which makes this a generally healthier choice.

Awakenings is a new one for me, only having ordered a half pound bag once so far, but it’s lasted me a good while. Obviously you’re not going to find this on store shelves, which is a letdown really. But I’ve said enough on this one. I plan to do another video review on it at some point (the first one had no audio for some reason). Until then, I’ll continue starting my day the Metal way, with a cup of Lance King in my mouth!

That didn’t come out the way I thought it would… Oh well. Since you can’t get this on store shelves, click here to order a bag!

#1 – Clover Valley: Country Sunrise Blend
Clover Valley: Country Sunrise Blend
The first time I tried this was a couple months ago. My mother picked this up for her boyfriend, but he didn’t like it, so I wound up with it. The next day I brewed a cup in my Keurig, and the rest of the day I swore my heart was going to beat out of my chest like the chestburster from Spaceballs, singing some Death Metal I’d assume.

This blend is some powerful coffee, and every time I have it wakes me right up. And, the best part about it is that this is incredibly cheap, usually less than most of the bigger name brands. And you get a lot too for what you pay for. Sure, it doesn’t taste that great straight, but flavor isn’t always the reason you decide to have a cup of coffee, right? When I don’t have time to wait for the mighty bean to kick in, I go right for this giant container knowing shortly after consumed I’m gonna have the heart rate of Speedy Gonzales, but a flabby Slowpoke Rodriguez body that holds it back. Some people will look down on Dollar General, as well as me for buying it, but, hey, it’s cheap but highly effective coffee, especially if you have a high tolerance to the effects of caffeine.

And there you have it, the top five coffee brands and blends that keep in operation. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them below in the comments section!