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Tsar Bomb

The exquisitely dark and detailed cover art is the work of Ocram (Vocals & drum programming).

Below are nine of the most caustic blackened death tracks that you will hear this year; and yes, that includes the ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’. ‘Exterminans IX:XI’ should be on your Most Anticipated Albums For 2015.

Tsar Bomb: Exterminans IX:XI

Ad Maiorem Legio Gloriam
Exterminans IX:XI
Septem Tonitrua
Armada (Mari Bestiam)
Caustic Blessing
…And Spill Thy Fire Upon The Earth

2009 saw the formation of Blackened Death Metal juggernaut Tsar Bomb in Malaga Spain. After several line-up changes, the group finally coalesced into the nihilistic atomic monster it is today: Ocram (Vocals & drum programming) and Ivan (Guitars, bass & drum programming). With the band lineup set, the Neowarfare EP was released in early 2012. Their full-length debut of the same name was unleashed on an unprepared public on September 12 2013.

With themes centered on the destruction of humanity through the unleashing of the most massive weapons of destruction developed by a degenerate group of apes as Lucifer looks on with sadistic pleasure. The aggressive and speedy playing of Ivan perfectly displays the misanthropic and destructive title of the album. Ocram’s blackened vocals channel the Prince of Darkness in a way that seems beyond the capacity of any simple vocalist.

Tsar Bomb gave a pleasant surprise to many of us with their last release: a great line-up and a powerful live show, getting to play alongside bands as Enthroned or Benighted.

Tsar Bomb

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