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Just as I start feeling better, things immediately go to hell. The site once again has gone silent, and for good reason unfortunastely. I retured to the hospital days after coming home last month and, my god I don’t know how I’m alive…

I went to the emergency room assuming I had a bad uti, a common thing given how my m.s. has progressed. Turns out I was right and going septic. Not from the uti, but from a ring of infection around my hip courtesy the sacral wound I spent the last seven months trying to heal. That infection was MRSA. It not only got into my bloodstream, but was so abundant that it cause my hip and left leg to dislocate.

So, yes. Again I’m fighting for my life as the MRSA didn’t get to the heart, but the meds aren’t working like they should and have since been increased with the four week i.v. timeframe doubled to eight and dosage increased. I am officially in a nursing home again. Unfortunately the good one I was set to go to had a Covidf outbreak, and I’m back at the first skilled nursing/nursing home I ever got stuck in. It just got bought out by another company and is kinda worse than when I posted a video twlking about the hell I went through (embedded below).

As I’m starting to feel better I will post news, first impressions and reviews on the site. I have a few promos sitting here I’m interested in talking about. Now, as for the site itself? Yes, I’m aware of the redirect.

I recently got a new laptop thanks to Dana finishing off my expensive Acer one in typical “I close the lid on something” fashion that has now claimed three of the last seven laptops of mine she broke. I’ve been slowly getting all the programs I lost due to this. However, a few days ago I checked the site and its security. All was fine. Today I post this update and see someone snuck a redirect in the footer. I have since fixed the problem and apologize for any inconvenience it caused.

Thank you for your further understanding.
– Apoch W.

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