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Unhuman Disease

Today, Moribund Records is proud to announce the signing of American black metal cult Unhuman Disease. As longtime fans of the Oklahoma natives, particularly the Dalla Benedizione del Diavolo and Glorification of Satanas full-lengths, Moribund feels that Unhuman Disease is a perfect fit for the label and its commitment to pure, uncompromising black metal. Having released now-legendary records by Judas Iscariot, Horna, and Sargeist, Moribund Records is prepared to unleash Unhuman Disease on an unsuspecting populace, with the first evil fruit being the band’s seventh full-length, entitled De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis and set to be recorded soon. Unhuman Disease’s brand of staunchly Satanic black metal is not unlike the aforementioned paradigm-shaping bands, but with a filth ‘n’ fury all their own, and Moribund couldn’t be more devilishly pleased to have the band among its elite roster.

Unhuman Disease was manifested under the Black Moon of 2001 by Nocturnus Dominus on all instruments, vocals, and lyrics, with the goal of the band to release actual Satanic black metal. No gimmicks, no compromise – just traditional Satanist black metal that believes in the Lord. The first expression of Satanic chaos, the Awakening of the Horned Beast demo was recorded in 2001 and limited to 20 copies. In the winter of 2003, the second expression of Satanic chaos became the As My Blood Spills Upon Thy Altar demo, which was limited to 50 copies. With a brief silence in 2006, the third expression of Satanic chaos and first full-length desecration, Evil Reigns Supreme, was released on Unholy Vision Records and limited to 100 copies. With yet another brief silence in 2008, the fourth expression of Satanic chaos and the second full-length desecration, Perpetuus agonia, was unleashed upon this pathetic earth by Unholy Vision Records. Limited to 666 copies, a majority of them were ruined while in storage due to leaking on the roof.

During the autumn of 2009, Unhuman Disease made a pact written in blood with Black Hate Productions of Germany, and the fifth expression of Satanic chaos and third full-length desecration, Black Creations of Satan, was released in an edition of 1000 copies. That same year in December, the sixth expression of Satanic chaos and fourth full-length desecration, Into Satan’s Kingdom, was also released in an edition of 1000 copies. In 2011, a pact is written in blood with Swiss brothers Freitod, and the seventh expression of Satanic chaos, the To the Eternal Kingdom of Darkness/The Serpent’s Eyes split 7″ EP, was released on Swiss label BergStolz. In 2012, the eighth expression of Satanic chaos and fifth full-length desecration, Dalla Benedizione del Diavolo, was released on Black Hate Productions and limited to 1000 copies, with guest vocals on the track “Ruins of Bone and Ash” by brother Lugubrum Acerbus of Mordskog.

The year 2013 marked 13 years of unending Satanic black metal for Unhuman Disease, and the ninth expression of Satanic chaos and sixth full-length desecration, Glorification of Satanas, was released by Embrace My Funeral Records of Mexico. Limited to 500 copies, this album consists of a recording session from 2008. In early 2014, a pact was written in blood with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of the split album Those Who Preach Perdition with the German band Sarkrista. Now, in 2015, a pact of Satanic alliance has been written in blood and wrapped in human flesh with the Moribund Records cult. The tenth expression of Satanic chaos and seventh full-length, De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis, is in the recording process and will be released by Moribund before year’s end. The label will release two further albums in the future: the never-ending plague known as Unhuman Disease continues…

Unhuman Disease

Press release provided by Moribund Records.