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Swedish Deathpunk commando TURBOCHARGED, featuring musicians of ex-Gehennah, ex-Vomitory, Dragnagl, have released a video-clip for the title of their new album “Area 666”. The video can be viewed here.

Turbocharged: Area 666

1. Area 666
2. Swarn
3. Christian Corpses
4. Worshipper
5. Divinne Bacteria
6. Masses, Mortals and Maggots
7. Blood In, God Out
8. Godfearings Cunts
9. Scavengers Of The Light
10. Churchfire Commando
11. The Slut And The God
12. Rogue Evangelist
13. Vandalize The Vatican
14. Christcrawler

“Area 666” will be released via Chaos Records on September 9th, and is available for pre-order at here.


Press release provided by Chaos Records.

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