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Heaven's Cry: Food for Thought Substitute

It’s rare that I actually will sit here and suggest that you check out a new or impending reissue, but this time there’s two worth talking about. 2012 saw Wheels of Impermanence by the Progressive Metal group, Heaven’s Cry. Of course, this was met by a new fan base discovering the band, and crying out for their first two albums Food for Thought Substitute and Primal Power Addiction. Well, Prosthetic Records has seized on this opportunity, and intend to re-release both the first week of January in 2013.

Both Hypnotic Records and DVS Records have stopped pressing both pof these efforts. You’ll be able to find the original pressings on-line used, but you’ll end up paying at least double for one of these used initial versions. But, if you’re not too worried about having the first version, you won’t second guess adding these rather beautiful albums to your collection. Of course, there isn’t anything new that will make these worth buying over the other versions. These are both barebones versions of the original performances captured in the studio.

Both albums feature re-worked artwork, and are remixed by Yannick St-Amand, as well as remastered by Jens Bogren. Due to this, the material just sounds a lot more crisp, as well as catchy to both the seasoned veteran, as well as new listener. In the case of Food for Thought Substitute, this is a great thing. The slightly less digital sound gives the music of the album a little extra bite and richness, though he cymbals can carry a bit of washout. However, this is a superb album from start to finish. The soothing music is met with varying degrees of energy, as well as passion and beauty. Unfortunately, that atmosphere doesn’t translate to Primal Power Addiction. The music is much tighter and rather crisp. Again there’s some remixing at work, but the cymbals do end up washed out a lot more. This one relies more on technicality, and ends up more aggressive as well. It’s a nice addition to the collection, but chances are good you won’t spend as much time with this album as you will their debut.

If you’re looking to expand your Progressive Metal library, experiencing the early sounds of Heaven’s Cry is a nice direction to go, especially since both their first albums are now available once more. Considering the band broke up for a few years shortly after Primal Power Addiction, you get the chance to experience the first generation of the group all at once for a reasonable price, as well as how the band intended it to be according to vocalist Pierre St-Jean. So, when 2013 hits, be sure to keep an eye out for these two long lost albums to hit store shelves once more.

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