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The following is a list of all Metal releases that are due out in the next seven days based on promos and press releases received.

OCTOBER 2ND, 2016:
Swampcult: The Festival (Transcending Obscurity Records)

OCTOBER 3RD, 2016:
Naat: Naat (Argonauta)
Solar Mass: Pseudomorphosis (Iron Bonehead Productions)

OCTOBER 4TH, 2016:

OCTOBER 5TH, 2016:
Ortega: Sacred States (Consouling Sounds)
The Reticent: On the Eve of a Goodbye (Heaven & Hell)

OCTOBER 6TH, 2016:

OCTOBER 7TH, 2016:
Candiria: While They Were Sleeping (Metal Blade)
Construct of Lethe: The Grand Machinarion (Self-release)
Eschatos: The Grand Noire (Starwolf)
Gatecreeper: Sonoran Depravation (Relapse)
Hanging Garden: Hereafter EP (Lifeforce)
Hex Volt: The Best He Volt EP Ever (Self-release)
Illyrian: Round 2: Fight! (Self-release)
Kremlin: Kremlin (Svart)
Mercyless: Pathetic Divinity (Kaotoxin)
Meshuggah: The Violent Sleep of Reason (Nuclear Blast)
Riti Occulti: Tetragrammaton (Triton’s Orbit)
Sarcofago: Die Hard (Greyhaze)
Sonata Arctica: The Ninth Hour (Nuclear Blast)
Teksti-TV 666: 1, 2, 3 (Svart)
Underwater Sleeping Society: Instrumental Healthcare (Svart)
Ur Draugr / Haar: Ur Draugr / Haar (ATMF)
Vultures Vengeance: Where the Time Dwelt In (Gates of Hell)

OCTOBER 8TH, 2016:
Tutti I Colori Del Buio: Initiation Into Nothingness (Bare Teeth)

Please note: I admit this is far from a complete, comprehensive list, but these are accurate to the dates given by the appropriate record labels and/or pr firms. All release dates can change at a moments notice. Also, an album that isn’t Metal at all may slip through the cracks and make it on this list (for which I apologize in advance for). I do my best, but sometimes I cannot sample all releases listed for various reasons, and I am left going by the label, band, or PR companies own word, not to mention may just be an idiot and completely overlooked something that in no way fits the site’s format.