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Today, rising American black metal cult WORMREICH premiere a video for the new track “Revelation II: Serpents of Choronzon.” Directed by guitarist/keyboardist N. Vathron, “Revelation II: Serpents of Choronzon” hails from the band’s brand-new second album, Wormcult Revelations, recently released by MORIBUND RECORDS. Rising from the ashes of the late, great Blood Stained Dusk, WORMREICH’s Wormcult Revelations displays a black metal band both forward-thinking and classicist, balancing an oft-dissonant and complex form of challenging, spiraling songcraft with a widescreen, cinematic scope that underlines a deep understanding of ancient black metal values. Rounded out by a clear, nuanced production, Wormcult Revelations will soon have WORMREICH mentioned in the same breath as the esteemed likes of Nightbringer and Deathspell Omega. Witness visual/sonic evidence of such HERE, with the premiere video off Wormcult Revelations.

Wormreich: Wormcult Revelations

I. Revelation I: Vox in Rama 2:30
II. Revelation II: Serpents of Choronzon 7:06
III. Shaare-Maveth 1:57
IV. Revelation III: Devotion’s Final War 7:15
V. Revelation IV: Enim Satanas Meum Sanguinem 7:25
VI. Codex Lvciferivm 5:08
VII. Malign Paradigm [Deathspell Omega cover] 4:45

Comments the band, “WORMREICH was created with the sole purpose of channeling the timeless void that will one day consume the universe and return all of creation to a state of pure, undefiled chaos. We emerged from the Bible Belt of the United States, with Satan as our champion and idol, and we create menacing, violent, ethereal black metal art. Nothing more, nothing less. Our war is a holy war, and our devotion is endless!”

WORMREICH was spawned from the endless void in early 2009 by Vulk Obsidiam (Viidron, ex-Anociticus) with the sole intention of exploring the concepts of Luciferianism and spiritual perversion through intense, dissonant, atmospheric, and ideologically-driven black metal. Soon, he was joined by N. Vathron (Viidron, ex-Firth of Damnation), a musician with similar vision and philosophy. Their self-produced debut full-length, Edictvm DCLXVI, was released on May 27th, 2011 through V’s own label, Idolatry Records. A short time later, drummer Profana (Blood Stained Dusk, HaXXan, Octagon, ex-Ancient) entered the covenant. In January of 2013, WORMREICH entered Stargate Studio in Huntsville, AL, USA, with producer Lance Wright (ex-Quinta Essentia, Abraxas) to record their latest mass and first for MORIBUND, Wormcult Revelations.


Press release provided by Moribund Cult.