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Hummano: We Hate You All!!!

Originally put together in 2010 as an outlet for material that wouldn’t fit the other projects, guitarist Fernando Diez (Natural Born Stonehead and drummer Adrian Arteche (MyAlterEgo enlisted the help of vocalist Thomas “Sito” Shutter, bassist Alejandro Prada, and guitarist Alfonso Valladolid to form what has become the underground powerhouse known as Hummano. Come 2011, the two song demo Pordetralus came and went, much like the departure of Alfonso and Prada, allowing bassist Pablo Fernandez to jump in and secure the entity as a four-piece. A few years later, 2013 to be exact, and the band entered AllSeeingEye Studios and The Metal Factory Studios to record their debut full-length album Is the Shit. After a great deal of touring, Hummano entered the studio once again, unleashing their follow-up album We Hate You All!!! onto the masses quickly turning into fans. But does this new outing from the Madrid, Spain based quartet leave listeners battered and bloody, or is the impact as memorable as a minor rug burn?