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December 6th, 2012 update: Due to a long running lack of a personal computer, I cannot accept digital downloads until the start of 2013, if even that early. If you wish to contact for coverage, please supply a stream of the album (I suggest Bandcamp or turning on private settings through Soundcloud), or contact to send a physical copy.

You can reach me (Apoch) through the following methods:
Twitter ( @apochweiss )

For all review requests (label or bands only please), please send all digital files, Haulix invites, iPool invites, etc., to the aforementioned e-mail address. If you are looking to send physical copies (preferred, given priority over all other reviews), please write for mailing address.

General inquiries can also be sent to either of the aforementioned means of contact. I love hearing from readers and getting their feedback, whether it’s positive or negative! It’s one of the things that keeps me working hard at this site.

Please DO NOT CONTACT if you are going to argue with me about a review I did for your band’s album. The same goes for the label. All my reviews are final, and my own critical outlook. I never remove or alter a review (outside of spelling errors, which I acknowledge I made a lot at the start), nor will I ever remove every trace of your existence because you want to remain “hidden” and have “no physical or digital trace” of your existence. DO CONTACT if you spot an error in a review such as a typo, grammar, wrong track(s), broken links, or requesting a better image (supplying a new one is helpful).

If you are looking to advertise on Apoch’s, please read the Advertise page first before using the e-mail above only to contact me if the information there does not entirely help you.

Thank you,
Jason Apoch Weiss