Apoch’s Metal Review is a website dedicated to bring light to the best releases from the underground to the major players, and educate people why they are good, or what it is that makes them bad. Examined under the critical and unbiased eye of an open minded former Metal Director for WSFX FM, the mission is simple: To weed out the bullshit in Metal today.

Over the years, this goal has changed and evolved. What once was a forum for one man to voice his disgust has become a campaign to draw attention to those who earned it, and warn those willing to listen about the ones that don’t deserve your time or money. The site has gone through a number of changes over the years, but the dedication to professional, unbiased coverage remains the same.

I am always looking for ways to expand the site and broaden even my own horizons. Plans are currently under way to bring certain aspects back that have been lost due to technical limitations, expand on other fields to keep this site from growing stagnant, and even intend to unleash a small lebel/distro at some point. All of which fueled by you, the readers, who continue to inspire my attempts to expose as many people as possible to the latest and greatest of metal, movies, and gaming.

Thank you so very much,