For all inquiries/submissions, please e-mail

If you want your material covered on Apoch’s Metal Review, please:

  • Send the material directly via Haulix, Dropbox, or Google. Do not send individual files via e-mail!
  • Please send 320 bitrate .MP3 files (conserves space for me)
  • Include album artwork, band biography, group photos (at least one), and logo (dimensions: 600×250 each minimum)
  • Links to all social networks and available audio streams, music/lyric videos, etc.
  • If interested in exclusive stream of audio or video.

When all requirements are met, simply e-mail the press kit. If you don’t see anything posted in a few weeks, please e-mail the above address to follow-up.

If you fail to meet any of these criteria, do not be upset if anything posted in review is factually inaccurate (i.e. wrong band photo, incorrect line-up, etc.)

If looking to send media other than digital, please contact at the e-mail above with subject line PHYSICAL PROMO REVIEW.