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Bandcamp Breakdown

Every day there’s a number of new releases hitting the digital market powerhouse that is Bandcamp. So much so that most of the benefits to its easy-to-use interface for creators and wanderers often makes it impossible to find anything of remote interest, burying a great deal of potential. In fact, in the metal world alone, the amount of new material dropping is completely overwhelming. However, I do stop by and plow through the daily releases quite often, quickly skimming until I pick up on something that sparks my interest. So, I decided to go ahead and start a weekly series that highlights five recordings I found on there that I think is worth checking out, or at the very least is from a band with plenty of potential. This won’t be limited to strictly new releases, though, for the most part, the day they hit the service is when I’ll mostly be judging them. However, if there’s an older one you want me to check out that you think would be worth some extra attention, shoot me the link to and I’ll give it a quick once over and see. But, for now, here’s this weeks choices, and I hope you like them.

Take Nine Inch Nails and blend with Version 2.0 from Garbage and industrialized darkwave, and you get a combination that hits you right in the nineties. The Creptter Children‘s debut album Possessed immediately grabbed my attention from the moment “Feel My Pain” started up, and it captivated me throughout the rest of the experience, drawing me back to the day I shamefully admit to wearing Hot Topic bondage pants and trying to replicate the look of Coal Chamber cause, ya know, I thought it was cool. It’s glad to see that sort of mentality hasn’t changed any come 2016, leaving me to immediately fall in love with this female fronted Melbourne, Australia duo. Yes, the cost me be a bit high for a digital download, weighing in at ten Australian dollars, but my fellow children of the nineties will find little reason not to count their pennies and grab this at their earliest convenience at THIS LOCATION.

Warsaw, Poland’s Hellectricity isn’t quite a new band on the rock scene, but their studio output thus far has been fairly minimal since their 2010 debut EP Cold Blood Desire dropped. But, this isn’t to say they’re worth passing over. Inspired by classic and stoner rock groups, the four-piece’s Odious, Vile, Nasty and Wicked is a highly charged melodic offering that keeps the spirit of classic rock alive with a modern standard that is often insanely infectious. From subtle heavy metal tinged pieces like “Songs of the Sirens” and “Up the River”, the more technical and aggressive “On the Verge of Dusk”, right down to the more accessable “Last Dance With Mary Jane”, this gimmick-free collection is a suitable slab of rock’n’roll for any given moment or mood that can be yours digitally for eight euros at THIS LOCATION.

Venezuelean tech/prog death metallers In Nomen formed back in 2014, and have just made their debut EP available through their Bandcamp page as a name your price download. The instrumental act include a grim introductory piece and three original performances that range from classically inspired precise hostility a la Death to modern standard makers like Obscura. Admittedly, it would be nice to have some harsh, eccentric vocals to compliment these performances, but even without the additional dose of hostility, In Nomen still manage to make each riff and drum beat work in a way that casts a shadow over a need to bang your head along obediently. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to THIS LOCATION and make yourself familiar with the Imperial Presists now!

From the first minute, I knew there was something special about this release, and one spin through only confirmed it. Italian symphonic black metal five-piece Phenris immediately stands as the answer to the cold Dissection-less world we live in today, though one that has been largely overlooked. While their 2003 full-length debut is not available, you can pick up their 2011 EP A Whisper in the Tempest, as well as a brand new digital single that includes the title track and two differing mixes of previous tracks. Rich with emotion and The Somberlain mysticism, this tenth anniversary release alone is enough to thrust this band into the melodic black metal spotlight if given the opportunity. And at two euros for each of their available digital items on Bandcamp, it’s hard to ignore the opportunity to experience one of the most criminally underlooked groups in the style today! So hurry now and at least check out Under the Flaming Death at THIS LOCATION!

While Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Cruciclit largely lands in the crossover thrash/crust punk realm, they’ve been known to dabble a bit in the doom and sludge metal worlds, and are even tagged as a death metal act sometimes. Regardless what you consider them, they’ve unleashed a few small releases in a very short amount of time. Wasting no time, they kick 2016 off with their brand new Hematolagnia demo, and it does present a henfty dose of variety. Between so-cal influences like Suicidal Tendencies and even a hint of early Exodus on “Kill Yourself (Nobody Will Miss You)” and “The System is Fucked” to displaying their sludge soaked doom side with “Depression”, this latest, there’s something to please all the hardcore punks of the world here, all at the cost of a name your price digital download at THIS LOCATION.

Feature article thanks to public streams available on Bandcamp.