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Review – Perverted Ceremony: Sabbat of Behezaël

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Belgium’s Perverted Ceremony is a two-piece act that formed back in 2011. However, it wouldn’t be until 2016 that their first two demos Sabbat of Behezaël and Demo 1 would be released in that order, quickly attracting the interest of Nuclear War Now! Productions. For 2017, they have brought together some new compositions alongside the already established from the initial two efforts for a brand new LP and cassette release using the Sabbat of Behezaël title once more. But are these performances as vile and ominous as the underground is building them up to be?

Review – Consummation: Impetuous Ritual

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Consummation is an Italian two-piece black metal group that hails from Australia. It’s unclear when the outfit started exactly, but it is known that it shares its members with the four-piece death metal act Impetuous Ritual (though I’m not sure which one or ones it is). This entity’s first effort was a self-titled demo back in December of 2012 that was picked up by Abysmal Sounds for a limited cassette run and free digital download via the label’s Bandcamp page. After just over four years of silence to hone their sound, we are now given their official EP Ritual Severance, which is being handled by Invictus Productions. But what does this two-song offering have in stores for listeners, and is it any good?

Review – Suicide Silence: Suicide Silence

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Suicide Silence is easily one of the most prominent names in the deathcore movement, right next to the likes of Job for a Cowboy and Whitechapel among many others. Much like those aforementioned groups, this five-piece decided to go ahead and change their sound, taking from their love of the same nineties-era legends I grew up with. So hearing of the imminent directional shift, I was a bit leery but still entered into the fray with an open mind. But with fan backlash and members not really taking well to the negative criticism and insulting those dedicated to the group that helped get them to where they are in the first place (i.e. long time fans), one could only wonder what lies in store on their brand new self-titled release. But was it an underrated effort, or were the fears of those devoted fully justified?

Review – Illimitable Dolor: Illimitable Dolor

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Australia’s Illimitable Dolor is one of those bands whose meer presence is one that both pleases and depresses you at the same time. Forged by members of The Slow Death, the entity exists as a “special band” meant to pay tribute to their deceased bandmate Gregg Williamson and, well, you can immediately tell that the group put their hearts into this project to emit the impact of their loss. But what lies in store for the listener who happens upon this self-titled debut through Transcending Obscurity Records?

Review – Skeleton of God: Primordial Dominion

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Skeleton of God may have formed in 1993, but the colorado based act has actually been really silent ever since. In the span of fifteen years they releaseed an EP, a compilation, and two full-lengths. The first of them, titled Bleed in the Sun, dropped in 1994, and their long overdue follow-up Primordial Dominion in 2008. The latter of those two was rrecently dug out of the depths and given a proper label release through Everlasting Spew back in late 2016. But is it something finally worth experiencing all these years later?