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Review – Incantation: Profane Nexus

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Incantation, death metal’s most prolific proveyors of profane punishment, have built their name around unrelentingly brutal material one release after another. Including 1992’s debut outing Onward to Golgotha, they have issued ten full-length efforts among a myriad of miscellaneous recordings, and have seen a number of line-up changes as well including the fairly recent departure of Immolation guitarist Alex Bouks in 2014, the very same year of the group’s last studio offering titled Dirges of Elysium. However, it’s now 2017, and we find the entity moving from Listenable Records to Relapse Records for the release of Profane Nexus, their eleventh opus of nightmare fuel. But have the past three years and aforementioned line-up alteration further refined their beloved sound, or has all of this only crippled an otherwise crippling experience?