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Review – Eye of Nix: Black Somnia

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Originally formed in 2012, avant-garde blackened psych-doom act Eye of Nix stormed on the scene a year later with their well celebrated demo recording. In the time that followed, the band expanded beyond the normal four to five-minute track length and further explored their sound to become the abrasive act they are come their debut full-length effort Moros. Another two years later and we find the evolution continuing with their latest album Black Somnia, being handled by both the band and Scrye Recordings on vinyl and digital mediums. With a scrutinous eye hovering above them since, has the four-piece outfit reached a new plain of existence, or have they gone back on their recently discovered output?

Review – Greytomb: Monumental Microcosm

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Originally formed under the name Subterranean Drilling Machine in 2013, Greytomb officially came to life through a proper name change in 2015. The now three-member outfit composed of current members from Adamus Exul, Ordnance, and ex-Wreak have been lurking about the depths of the underground for a little while now as an atmospheric black metal act, releasing their 2015 one-song demo The Mourning Field and debut full-length A Perpetual Descent a year later through Bandcamp. For 2017, the tides have changed with Transcending Obscurity Records releasing their latest EP Monumental Microcosm to wrap up the year. But does this effort offer a truly blackened experience, or does it fail to hit the mark on setting the proper mood for its chosen style?

Metallaney – Photos of Epica at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, 9/28/2017

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A good friend of mine, Ryan Mullaney, decided to be a son of a bitch and rub in that he was going to check out the recent North America tour with Lacuna Coil, Epica, and Insomnium. The aspiring writer and photographer offered to shoot over the pictures he took for publication on this very site, which is what you will be seeing in three different parts. Up first? Epica.

Review – Limbsplitter: Chloroform Cocktail

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Cleveland, Ohio is proving to be one of the dominant sources behind new talent in the US death metal world. With the likes of Embalmer and Shed the Skin being two of the leaders of this charge (ironically both on the same label), it should come as no surprise that one of the latest talents in the brutal death metal world, Limbsplitter, hails from the same neighborhood. Originally formed as Bellicosity in 2011 until 2013, the five-piece outfit released a two song demo in 2013 under the new moniker, and then went silent as far as studio time went. It wasn’t time wasted, however, as four years later they released their debut full-length effort Chloroform Cocktail themselves in June of this year, then teaming up with Unmatched Brutality Records for further distribution by Unmatched Brutality Records. But was it an investment well worth making, or is this new outing nothing much to brag about?