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REVIEW – NyreDolk: Demo

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In the realm of the underground black metal scene, finding secretive acts is becoming increasingly common place in a world where mysterious auras and personas are often outed quicker than you could imagine. Of course, happening upon a nameless group or solo act without a member list is just as easy as hitting up the metal directory of Bandcamp utilizing the cassette sorting option, a favorite past time of mine. This is where we find the debut demo from NyreDolk, a two-man operation from Denmark with a visual representation similar to that of Brujeria or Ghoul. This black and punk metal duo have unleashed their first-ever release digitally, as well as in a very short run on cassette through Caligary Records, an independent label that continues to find some of the best the trenches of metal have to offer. But does this first impression four song recording boast anything worthwhile, or is this more a dud in the sea of lesser known entities?