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Review – Bloodshot Dawn: Reanimation

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In the background there have been plenty of whispers about the UK-based Bloodshot Dawn. The self-releasing four-piece dropped their debut album self-titled effort in 2012 following a demo and mildly successful EP. Originally a melodic death and thrash metal act, the band has honed their craft in the years to follow, growing into more of a technical melodic death act that continued to sprawl out and incorporate your standard metalcore/deathcore elements, as well as some progressive metal prowess. To kick off 2018, the independent act rebuilt itself after losing all but founding member Josh McMorran to bring us their third studio album, Reanimation, which is being distributed by Hostile Media. But is this act one that is branching out too far for their own good, or have they locked into something that will make the underground scurry with excitement?