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News – Hammer King Announce New Album ‘Poseidon Will Carry Us Home’

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German true metal ensemble HAMMER KING will release their third full-length, Poseidon Will Carry Us Home, on October 5 via Cruz Del Sur Music. Recorded at Studio Greywolf with POWERWOLF bassist Charles Greywolf at the helm, Poseidon Will Carry Us Home is an unabashed bow to classic, anthemic, hook-laden metal, proving HAMMER KING was more than up to the task of meeting the often-high expectations that come with a band’s third album.

State of the Site

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Well, anyone who has been on here as of late probably has noticed the lack of content. I wish I had a better explanation other than the world just got ahead of me. As many of you know, I suffered a massive multiple sclerosis flare up almost two years ago due to medical negligence. During this time I also suffered from a pressure cyst on my ass (again, medical negligence while in the hospital) at the same time I suffered minor kidney failure, my father passed away, I spent seven months in an old folks home because that’s the only place with a vacancy my insurance would cover, and my fiancĂ©e’s grandfather passed away (and stayed in the same hell I was stuck in and was treated in the worst way possible) leaving me there instead of at home to comfort her.