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RAMBLIN’ – Unpacking THEY GRIEVE (cs) & Site Announcement

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I wanted to address the issues pertaining to the site on Youtube for a bit. I also received my copy of I Made My Sacrifice Accordingly by They Grieve. I figured I’d lump the two together in a simple ramblin’ video. Check out what the cassette version of this release looks like, and bask in the nice liner note artwork. You can also stream the full effort below via the official Bandcamp player, and click the link above to order it if so inclined.

SITE UPDATE – Quick Notes for May 5th, 2019

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This is just a quick post to let you all know that this site is going through some massive renovations. Fizz is trying to optimize the site, so bare with any odd image placement and whatnot in the weeks to come. I am also working on incorporating the Apoch Plays/Twitches side of things here. I have not given up on metal outright, and there are a few reviews waiting to be posted, so stay tuned. Disqus has also been disabled for the time being. That said, hope you enjoy you time here and the changes that are being made, and thank you for your patience.

TWITCH REPLAY – May 4th, 2019: Dead by Daylight

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It was just a casual Saturday night stream that started a bit late. No real goal other than having fun and getting dailies done. Here’s the Twitch stream of Dead by Daylight from May 4th, 2019 in two parts due to the internet dropping an hour in.

REVIEW – Invictus: Burst the Curse

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Invictus Burst the Curse Review
Invictus comes to us from Germany, and is a brand new power metal act composed of some experienced musicians in the underground. Three come from the band Avator (who recently saw a revival with two new albums issued last year) as well as vocalist Nicolas Peter of Beerhammer. Guitarist Fabio Winter is the only member with no prior band experience credited to his name. Despite that, one can look at the line-up and assume this to be a strong new entity within the metal world. But does their debut EP establish them as an act to watch, or does it show a group that needs more time honing their sound and direction?

News – Vader Announce New EP ‘Thy Messenger’

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Polish extreme metal veterans VADER are pleased to announce that they will release a new EP titled Thy Messenger on May 31st this year. The effort will contain four of the five songs that were recorded over a week-long period in January and February at Hertz Studio in Białystok, Poland under the supervision of the Wiesławski Brothers. The cover art was painted by Wes Benscoter, who previously worked with VADER on the De Profundis LP and has collaborated with such bands as SLAYER, KREATOR and SINISTER. A new full VADER album will be recorded later this year for a tentative autumn release.