Review – Virtual Symmetry: X-Gate

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Virtual Symmetry is a progressive metal project that was formed back in 2009 by Valerio Æsir Villa. Until 2012, he was responsible for every aspect of the entity until enlisting a full band in 2012 including famed vocalist Marco Pastorino (Light & Shade, ex-Shining Fury, ex-Secret Sphere). It wouldn’t be until about four years later the band would release their debut album Message from Eternity themselves, which has been quickly met with X-Gate, a brand new three song EP with the same indie release treatment. But does this one end up feeling rushed, or is it another quality release from this progressive powerhouse?

EXCLUSIVE – Interview with Kval, “Harhainen” Song Debut

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Originally formed under the name Khaossos between 2014 and 2015, Kval stands as a one-man atmospheric black metal act from Finland. With a handful of releases behind, the man known simply as Kval has signed a deal with Hypnotic Dirge Records to unleash the entity’s debut self-titled album. However, it’s not a simple follow-up to the previous entity’s 015 full-length Kuolonkuu, but rather a re-imagining of that very release. A rebirth, if you will. And ahead of it’s release I was given the opportunity to shoot some questions over to the mastermind himself, as well as debut the first song off said offering.