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“Where’ve you been?” is a question readers and pr contacts probably never asked. This site has fallen into total disarray. It isn’t abandoned, though. It just dropped in priority as I literally spent two years fighting for my life. Four near death escapes from disease and neglect are now added onto the two prior wins, making it Apoch six against Death’s nill. However, it did not end without scars.

My core strength is non-existent as I was bed bound for two years fighting mrsa, nursing that put my life at risk, a refusal to assist due to a hip dislocation, corporate greed, increased PTSD and multiple surgeries meant to prevent an early grave and life betterment on top of ineptitude leaving my insides permanently shifted. I finally broke my silence, but it definitely took a while due to the scars being a bit too much. Honestly, I just didn’t want to recap what I went through despite telling myself I’d feel better if I did. Below are various chunks from Twitch streams outlining my stay in hell. I don’t cover everything for privacy reasons (and neglect mentioning my one hundred plus pound weight loss which was a blessing disguised as a curse). A follow-up video will eventually happen.

Part One:

Part Two:

So where do we go from here?

Well, due to all the bullshit preventing my getting better in a timely manner I lost my job. I am now strictly supporting myself through disability until I can get back on my metaphorical feet to find a new part time job within the guidelines of my SSD. That or I am contemplating early retirement as my body from all this and my m.s. progression has made me so weak I don’t think I’d be able to actually re-enter the workforce.

I do have money set aside to keep this site alive. I’m feeling the drive to get back into the things I loved prior like metal and horror movies. So, yeah, gonna try to get back into the groove of covering metal (already checking out the new effort from The Lone Madman) while continuing to grow the Twitch and Youtube channels. There is one caveat, however. I am looking to go back to a skilled nursing facility for a few weeks to get some more aggressive physical therapy to rebuild my core. If that happens then everything will be at a standstill while I struggle to regain my independence.

Thanks for reading and/or watching. I’m here. I’m not dead. I’m working on things. 2023 is a year of rebuilding everything.

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