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Blame: Dark Eyes
Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal
October 19th, 2014
Release length: 15:16

Dark Eyes isn’t exactly a new release, but it’s fresh on the Bandcamp circuit. Closing out 2015, the Ukraine’s Blame have made their debut EP available for download for those who missed out. But, with all the awesome new recordings dropping this week alone on that digital marketplace, it was easy to get lost in the mix, especially at the price point being asked for acting as something that can turn potential fans away given the number of low-cost alternatives available. So, is it worth the cost to grab this effort?

But simply, hell yeah! This technical assault is a surprising gem hidden the Ukraine that, given their unsigned status, probably caused a lot of fans of the style to overlook it. However, it’s easily one of the more impressive self-released ep’s in the technical field I’ve come across in a while, sharing the brutal levels and intensity of groups like Origin, recent Nile recordings, not to mention the bass driven precision of Atheist just to name a few. This high quality recording rarely ceases pummeling the listener, ranging from pure madness on “Blind Slaves” to a far more intricate assault as on “Anxiety”, the latter of which giving way to the bass guitar around the somewhat science fiction sounding guitar solo, an atmosphere this recording makes pretty obvious at times, even with its subtle execution.

If you missed out on Dark Eyes, which, if you reside outside of the Ukraine is a high possibility, now is definitely the time to check this EP out. Blame unleashes five cuts of adrenaline soaked mayhem that immediately make you question why this band has not signed to a label yet, especially given the rising popularity of technical and brutal death metal bands that are finding their way to not only the top of the music charts, even in America. Dark Eyes is a powerful assault that will leave listener’s battered, broken, even destroyed in its wake, leaving the remains wanting for more abuse.


Article based on a public download/stream from Blame.