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Flummox: Phlummoxygen

Avant-Garde/Progressive Stoner Metal act Flummox are back with their brand new album Phlummoxygen! This new outing has been picked up by Tridroid Records for release this March. But if you can’t wait to sample this destructive piece of confusion, then fear not! Tridroid’s got your back with an exclusive stream of “Flummoxing Act 1/Garbonzo’s Leap”, the first track your precious ear holes are graced with. So take it in below, but just know that it only gets more eccentric from here…

Pre-order Phlummoxygen through Tridroid Records here, and be sure to check out the review here.


Audio approved for stream by Tridroid Records
via to Dewar PR.

E-mail proof of this approval is available upon request for legal purposes only.