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First – Charlie Murder

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Charlie Murder

The other day, Ska Studios shot over a review code for their latest game, Charlie Murder. Having just wrapped up playing through the story of Zeno Clash II, I decided to throw it on, as their previous offerings really stuck out on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It also was the perfect excuse to use my new Hauppauge recorder Fizz of Lead Example is selling me.

First – Diamond Plate: Pulse

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Diamond Plate: Pulse

Well, the new Diamond Plate album has hit the inbox, and I decided before I go crash for the night to give a few songs a spin. Right away, I already feel like I’m listening to some kind of Metallica album, and I’m not even half way through the first track, “Walking Backwards,” yet. The harsher shouting vocals are a different take on the early faster sound the band is emulating, and it does give the song a bit of a unique identity. The chorus does forsake the catchy and heavier riffs for a bit more melody and vocal harmonizations, as well as a sudden increase in speed. It’s a troubling sign of things to come, but I was ready to tackle whatever may come next.

First – Fireburst

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I don’t really have any money to pick up every game that ends up released to cover on this site, but Fireburst is a title I’ve been keeping an eye on for the past two weeks. The game dropped last week on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace, and I decided to go ahead and grab the demo to see if it’s anything worth playing. All the trailers and pictures made it look scenic and beautiful with a slightly gritty Punk vibe, so I was excited to see if the title lived up to these expectations.

First – Iwrestledabearonce: Late for Nothing

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Iwrestledabearonce: Late for Nothing

Last year’s Ruining it for Everyone was a huge surprise within the modern Deathcore community, as well as for me. This was the first time I could get into one of their releases. Matter of fact, it was the first time I got into even a single song of theirs. So, after a solid shift in direction musically, I was really anxious to check out their new single, “Thunder Chunky,” which is the lead single off their upcoming full-length album, Late for Nothing.