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First – Job for a Cowboy: Sun Eater

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Job for a Cowboy, a name that makes Death Metal fans cry out with anguish and causes puddles form in the Deathcore kiddies panties. Save a few in the latter genre who appeared around the same time, this band is one of the most influential you’ll happen across. So powerful, in fact, that many Deathcore groups typically emulate the direction these guys go in.. Well, we’re at the precipice of changing styles once more, and with a hectic schedule I figured I would quickly check out what Sun Eater, the fourth full-length from this Glendale, Arizona band since formation in 2003, has in store for us this time.

First Impression – Asian School Girls

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Asian School Girls

I’m in no way going to lie that when I happened on the film Asian Schoolgirls on Netflix, I was immediately sold. As a soon to be twenty-nine year old male, well, they certainly hit this target demographic here. I decided to head over to Youtube and check out the trailer before giving into my primal instincts of “must watch film with sexy asian ladies” and, well, I’m glad I did.

First Impression – Blood of the Werewolf

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Blood of the Werewolf

Blood of the Werewolf was originally a PC title, finding its audience through the Steam network. Since its computer debut it found it’s way onto the Xbox Live Marketplace at a modest price tag of just seven dollars (US currency). With this title earning plenty of praise, I figured it would be a suitable game to just relax and play some old-school platforming action with between my time with Dark Souls II and Murdered: Soul Suspect (both I will be reviewing soon). At first, I greatly enjoyed what time I put in so far. But that was only the first stage. Everything changed by the time I reached the next level…

First – Devil You Know: The Beauty of Destruction

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Devil You Know: The Beauty of Destruction

As a fan of Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage, and enjoying the work of Francesco Artuasto from All Shall Perish, I was anxious to hear what these two could accomplish together in the new group Devil You Know. Earlier this morning I took a swing through town and slapped in their debut album The Beauty of Destruction to accompany me on my errands. Sadly, after only a few songs, my anticipation quickly changed.

First – Dead Label: It Burns Within

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Dead Label

Ireland’s Dead Label was formed back in 2008, and since then has been touted as one of the countries rising Metal acts. I had never heard of the group, but apparently they issued a debut album that I had missed out on back in 2013 titled Sense of Slaughter through Rising Records (though noted in the press release as through Nuerra Records). I’m familiar with Rising Records and some of the groups on it, so when their new single “It Burns Within” hit the inbox earlier, I figured I’d give it a shot and see what their “as yet untitled” 2014 album has in store.