Darkthrone: Goatlord (2006 Reissue)

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On the very first run through of this release, the fear that what was in the CD player was nothing more then some sort of “kvlt” black metal attempt by the band Darkthrone, unaware of the history behind this release. After some quick researching to learn exactly what Goatlord was, it became a little more tolerable. Goatlord happens to be a collection of songs recorded during a rehearsal between the Soulside Journey and A Blaze In The Northern Sky releases. These songs were scrapped when the band hit the black metal style that they use today, and at some point later on the band decided to release the demo tape for the fans. Given the time period this was recorded, this sounds pretty good considering it’s just a rehearsal tape and not a full blown full length studio recording, and definitely a nice piece for fans who obsess over Darkthrone.

13th Planet: 2006 Radio Sampler

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If you have heard the two albums released around this time by these bands (Rio Grande Blood by Ministry and Cocked And Loaded by The Revolting Cocks) then you have a good idea of what to expect here. Ministry have returned to their heavier sounding songs, and placed some of their best George W. Bush Jr. attacks on this handy sampler size disc. And while The Revolting Cocks sound rather similar to Ministry, the vocals are simply aggrivating, and there are some moments you’ll ask yourself what they were thinking, such as the cheaply done fire engine sounds on the song “Fire Engine”.

As I Lay Dying: The Darkest Nights (Andy Sneap Remix)

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A radio only promotional CD single, it features an alternative remix to the band’s hit single off the album Shadows Are Security. There really isn’t anything that different about this mix, except the ending. Instead of the vocals stopping after the chorus repeats three times then fade out, this mix features the vocals continuing as the song fades out. This, however, does make the ending of the song simply sound a little more fluid instead of abruptly having the vocals end and somewhat disturb the flow of the song.