Review – Crawl or Die

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Crawl or Die is the intellectual spawn of writer and director Oklahoma Ward (Screen, The Battle of Tinker). It’s another entry into the post-apocalyptic Science Fiction library, though with one idea in mind: Crawling. It’s also meant to be part of a series, a growing trend in books and underground film making today, such as the series being built around some of the characters involved in the film Slasher House. This film found its way onto store shelves in August of 2014 thanks to Through Backyard Films and Vertical Entertainment, though was quickly met with poor reception across the board. But does Crawl or Die actually wind up a misjudged hit movie-goers really should see, or is it a lifeless husk best worth sitting at the bottom of the bargain bin?

Monkey Boy (2009)

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2009’s Monkey Boy is an Italian Horror fairy tale from the mind of Antonio Monti, his first outing not only as screenwriter alongside Chiara Parodi and Davide Zagnoli (Il giardino del sonno), but also his directorial debut. The film is touted as being the tale of a freak who lived in the cellar until his handler is killed, carrying a “There are no bloodless fairy tales” tagline to play up the brutal reality behind the majestic start. It’s also the tale of an autistic girl, and how this creature plays a major role in her life. Of course, this summary is biref and a bit misleading in this winner of 2010 American Horror “Bury Award”, a film that was also nominated in three other festivals. Eventually, Monkey Boy was picked up for distribution through Chemical Burn Entertainment, able to reach a much broader audience who couldn’t attend any of these screening festivities. But does this film stand as a beautifully harsh realization to the whimsical worlds we tell our children, or is there something more afoot within?


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Found. is based on the story from Todd Rigney and adapted to screenplay by Scott Schirmer (Off the Beaten Path, House of Hope). Produced by Forbidden Films and shot at an estimated eight thousand dollar budget in Bloomington, Indiana, the film made its rounds through a number of independent film festivals, winning awards like Best Director from the Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival 2013, Best Feature at Elvira’s Horror Hunt 2012, and many more. The Drama/Horror/Thriller film began to take the world by storm, and it wasn’t long before XLrator Media picked it up for distribution for their Macabre line of DVDs. But does this coming of age story about a Christian family with a dark secret stand as a must see experience, or is it a long-winded exploration of boredom?

Leprechaun: Origins

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Leprechaun: One of the most embedded names within the Horror genre to date. A series about a pint sized wise-cracking leprechaun who will bite off your ear and make a boot out of it if you so much as touch his pot of gold. Since debuting in 1993, the franchise has found him in Las Vegas, sent him into orbit (Leprechaun 4), and even in the hood not once, but twice (Leprechaun in the Hood, Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood). The mixture of comedy, gore, and Irish lore was a picture perfect formula for cult film and b-movie lovers everwhere. So when the WWE announced they would be doing a prequel (which actually turns out to be a reboot) of this series under the guise of Leprechaun: Origins with wrestler Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl as the living myth, no one knew what to expect until the trailers started rolling out to show a darker, grittier version of the villain we’ve all come to know and love. But, as a stand alone modern take on the franchise, does Leprechaun: Origins actually stand as a film worth seeing, or is it really as poor an experience as most critics have hailed it to be?

Movie Review – Slasher House

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Slasher House

Back in 2012, production on the film Slasher House began by Mycho Entertainment Group. The concept was a simple one: A woman wakes up in a prison with a bunch of killers on the hunt for her. The tag-line of “Four killers… One girl” basically says it all. The film wrapped with a fairly low budget in place, opening to theaters in the UK at the end of April in 2013 to gross a box office return of an estimated £5,000. About two years after that, and a number of months after the theatrical release of a follow-up film, Slasher House has been made available on DVD. But is this underground feature presentation worth forking up the cash to see, or one better left rotting in it’s plastic packaging?