Movie Review – The Perfect House

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The Perfect House

Originally shot in 2012, The Perfect House didn’t actually see the light of day until sometime in 2013. Also known as A Devil’s Inside, the Horror anthology was reportedly shot in just fourteen days, averaging up to fourteen hours each day of filming (according to This offering was written by Kris Hulbert (Just Drive, First Timers), who also directed the film alongside Bagboy Productions’ Randy Kent (Life of Lemon) in an attempt to bring three tales of terror surrounding a house that seems to bring out the worst in people. For 2014, Wild Eye Releasing has picked up the film for distribution. But does this creation actually manage to speak volumes with just a few short stories, or does it fail on variying levels?

Movie Review – Ghost of Goodnight Lane

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Ghost of Goodnight Lane

Since the release of Paranormal Activity and paranormal reality shows, the number of ghost-themed Horror movies being released each year have quickly climbed. While there have been a few impressive films here and there, there’s also been a number of cheap cash grabs. One of those entries into the field is a Ghost of Goodnight Laned Ghost of Goodnight Lane, a Comedy/Horror movie that literally appeared out of nowhere. But is this random contribution to film a surprise gem that should be seen immediately, or is it better considered the mentally handicapped brother of the modern day pioneers of the style?

Movie Review – Dead Sea

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Dead Sea

Dead Sea, also known as Black Lagoon, is a film by its own production group named Dead Sea Films, as well as the slowly growing underground company Micro Bay Features. The film claims to feature a cast largely from Black Dahlia, though deceptive marketing hides that it is their 2012 film The Black Dahlia Haunting, and not the big-budget Hollywood flick. Written and Directed by Brandon Slagel, known for his work in that very movie, as well as The Dark Avengers and Subject 87, this creature feature was picked up for distribution through Origin Releasing. While touting a major star in the cast and hitting shelves without a rating (not unrated), does this flick stand as a solid entry or the genre, or does it fail to deliver on every level possible?

Movie Review – Mold

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Back in 2006, Mentally Ill Films produced and distributed the short Horror film T’was the Night. Since then, the company had basically gone off the grid until their first full-length feature film was announced. Mold was shot in 2012, but wasn’t made available until the following year, finding it’s way to the direct-to-video market when picked up for distribution by the growing cult phenomenon that is Wild Eye Releasing. It has since earned mild reception from movie fans, but is the somewhat cold reaction from a modern audience that can’t appreciate the callback to eighties government conspiracies and testing, or is Mold as decayed as the bodies end up in this venture?

Movie Review – Blood Soaked

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Blood Soaked

Back in 2008, a little original short film named This Side of Nightmare started making it’s rounds through the underground. Years later, the eleven minute film from writer and director Peter Grendle finds new life in a 2014 full-length feature remake titled Blood Soaked. After finding a great deal of success in various festivals including official selection at both Dark Matters Film Festival and Pollygrind Film Festival, it was only a matter of time before someone picked up this Red Letter Cinema (also known as Red Letter Media) release. And who else could better play host to such an offering than the highly impressive Wild Eye Releasing? But is this actually something worth sitting down to watch, or is the little over one hour length simply a test of patience?