Cyber Acoustics: 2.1 Powered Speaker System

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Cyber Acoustics: 2.1 Powered Speaker System
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Cyber Acoustics: 2-1 Powered Speaker System
In the summer of this year, my favorite speaker system gave up on me, and I was forced to seak out new ones. The one set I use is too bulky to travel around with, which left me seeking out a new set for casual listening while at other locations. This led to my picking up the 2.1 Powered Speaker System from Cyber Acoustics. Unfortunately, this choice was easily one of the worst that I have ever made.

These speakers cost about twenty-five dollars US from the local Wal-Mart. Of course, for that price, I can’t really expect too much in the line of “high quality.” The speakers are pure plastic, and the subwoofer for the group does actually sound good, but again, all plastic. There’s nothing to give a good reverb off of. Admittedly, at first, they did the job and sounded pretty good. The bass was pretty impressive and clearly made with it turned up a little higher than normal thanks to the subwoofer. It was annoying not really being able to choose how much of this instrument would come through the speakers, but at least it was still a rich enough sound for me to get the point if I wrote a discussion article, or any other entry to the site.

But, two months down the line, they just broke out of nowhere. I pushed in the on button, and a high pitch static just roared through the speakers. It didn’t matter if they were plugged into the computer or not, it just kept going. So, I returned to the place I bought them, and grabbed a second set. This time, they broke a week later. The bass in both the speakers and subwoofer no longer worked. It was through no fault of my own. I returned these, and picked up a third. These, Literally three days later the sub woofer blew out, and I didn’t have the volume up that loud at all. I just bought the fourth set this morning, and already these are having the sputtering issue with the bass on the first CD I put in.

I honestly have never worked with such flimsy, poorly designed speakers before. Granted the shelf price was an economic value, and the sound (when they worked) was good enough to get the job done. But, you get exactly what you pay for, and probably more from running back and forth to the store you got it from to exhange it for a new one, and even then most stores have a limit, receipt or not. This 2.1 Powered Speaker Set really isn’t anything that great, but if you just want it for dialogue, they can often provide enough support to make the talking at least sound worth it.

Overall Score: 3.5/10
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