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Metal RamblingsI love talking about metal. Whether anyone wants to listen or not, it’s gonna happen. Hell, even my fiancee rolls her eyes when she realizes what’s coming, and metal is what brought us together in the first place. The night I proposed we were on our way to catch my bros in Beyon Fallen play at a local bar. So doing a video series just rambling about metal was innevitable, just a matter of when. That time is now…

Behold the pilot episode of what is temporarily being named ‘Metal Ramblings’. “Mostly Death…” discusses a new album from a band I just discovered, Century Media Records and their upcoming black/death release, an LGBTMN pink metal band, and a few quick opinions some many not agree with. Oh, and stay tuned to the end for a mind blowing Instacart realization caught on camera because who the hell was messaging me over the span of twenty minutes. Enjoy…

Check out some of the bands discussed at the following links:
Scaphism (bandcamp)
Necrophobic (bandcamp)
Peosphoros (bandcamp)

Material in this video from personal funds and Peosphoros.

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