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The Slaughtering Grounds
Action, Horror
Developer: Digital Homicide Studios
Publisher: Digital Homicide Studios
October 31st, 2014

The Slaughtering Grounds. Very few games on the Steam marketplace have ever earned as much infamy as this title from Digital Homicide Studios, thanks largely to Youtube veteran Jim Sterling’s coverage of the title, as well as the developer/publisher’s actions following it. It’s been on my radar every since that video. However, I never actually bought it outright. I actually own this title through a random bundle purchase a few months ago. Either way, it’s been sitting in my collection, waiting for just the right time. Well, after a fairly rough night and morning (not quite the worst by far, but still pretty annoying), I decided to sit down with my bottle of Apothic Dark wine (amongst other alcoholic beverages), unwind, and see just how bad this game really is.

The Slaughtering Grounds is available for purchase through Steam at THIS LOCATION.

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