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Blood Red Throne

Norway’s Blood Red Throne have released a lyric video for their brand new song “Proselyte Virus”. You can check it out HERE:

Blood Red Throne has also released a video for the song “Patriotic Hatred” last month. The footage used in it comes from the recently released controversial PC title ‘Hatred’ and can be seen HERE:

Both songs come off the band’s upcoming eighth studio album ‘Union of Flesh and Machine’. Check out the artwork below.

Blood Red Throne: Union of Flesh and Machine

According to an e-mail from guitarist/songwrite Daniel “Død” Olaisen, it is slated to be released through Candlelight Records in January of 2016, unlike the November 2015 release date mentioned in the information tab of the “Patriotic Hatred” video.

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Press release composed by Apoch
based on information provided by Daniel Olaisen
of Blood Red Throne.