Review – Pepsi X with Dragonfruit

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Review – Pepsi X with Dragonfruit
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Pepsi X
Making a quick pit stop this morning for a cup of coffee, I figured I would go ahead and grab a cheap bottle of soda for a more immediate wake-up call before hitting the road. Looking over the assortment of name-brand bottles, an interesting “Limited Edition” bottle marked Pepsi X sat at the front of only one row. After realizing it was not just a special cover for the television show The X Factor, I was immediately intrigued. Pepsi with Dragonfruit? Go on, I’m listening…

The second I open the bottle, both my fiancee and I could smell the Dragonfruit flavor. She was the first to notice that the bottle itself also had a lighter, clearer liquid inside of it. In a matter of seconds it filled up the front of the car with the strong, distinct odor. But the second it passed by the lips and hit the tongue, it was obvious how the two simply did not mix well.

While the Pepsi X had a nice smell, the flavor was horrible. Think of it as drinking unflavored cough syrup, most notably Robatussin. One pour each was enough for the two of us. But the aftertaste was horrible. That cough syrup flavor still lingered, but it wasn’t any worse than when it first poured into the mouth. Unfortunately, it stayed for a lot longer than most soda beverages would allow.

Pepsi X is an interesting product, but in no way is it that good. There are plenty of delicious beverages out there with Dragonfruit included, largely water or tea-based products. However, with the subtle carbonation and thicker syrup flavor of Pepsi, it just makes you feel as though you should be under a pile of used tissues waiting for a bowl of chicken soup to warm up. It’s surprising that this product is actually on store shelves. Yes, it’s drinkable, but after sampling it, it’s obvious why the stores, even local convenience stops, have only line dedicated to this limited edition promotional blunder.

Overall Score: 3/10
Beverage for review provided by personal funds.