Review – Pugtopsy: Snorts of Sorrow

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  • Bio: "Pug-fronted black metal outfit" - Press release
  • Label: Artery Recordings
  • Release Date: April 1st, 2017
  • Genre: Deathcore
  • Website: Visit Website
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Did you know pug fronted deathcore existed? Yeah, neither did I until the other day. Pugtopsy joins the ranks of acts like Hatebeak and Caninus, though as more of an April Fools Day gag than anything else. And this is where the follow-up single Snorts of Sorrow (yes, there was one other released back in 2013) comes into play for Artery Recordings. But does the punch-line really live up to the concept?

While the label is touting this as a black metal act in all related press releases I’ve received, this is your typical deathcore/djentcore act. Musically, it’s ok. The quality is crisp with a decent darkness felt through the mastering, especially in the slower passages. The pug aspect, however, is terrible. Had you not known it was a dog, you’d imagine it was an old man wheezing, or even another Chris Barnes side project. Truthfully, what effects an distance is utilized ends up moving this from something comical to just completely uninteresting beyond some killer artwork.

But, if you want to scope out the new canine in the metal scene, you can pick up the single digitally via iTunes at THIS LOCATION. Of course, if you’re like me and want that killer pug artwork on a shirt, you can grab it through Merchnow. This is strictly a judgement call, but Snorts of Sorrow is just not really worth it, even as a gag gift. Maybe to brag in an elitist manner, but that’s about all.

Digital review copy of this release provided by Artery Recordings.