Review – Sect Pig: Self Reversed

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  • Bio: n/a
  • Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
  • Release Date: May 1st, 2015
  • Genre: Ambience, Experimental Black Metal
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Very little seems to be publicly known about the Ambience/Experimental Black Metal entity Sect Pig. Home country, line-up, year of formation; All vague assumptions based solely on their releases. If I were to speculate, which I shall, it’s probably a one-man operation, born of Raw Black Metal descent, perhaps from Portugal or The Netherlands (though really from San Diegho, California thanks to a tag on the Nuclear War Now! Productions Bandcamp page), and formed sometime between late 2011 to mid-2012. June of 2013 saw the debut EP Slave Destroyed drop through Nuclear War Now! Productions, the same label responsible for unleashing the band’s follow-up recording, Self Reversed. But is this another respectable exploration through lo-fi experimentation, or more of a throw away release you can live without?

The one song EP sticks to the core concept of its predecessor. There’s a good deal of audio samples and chunks scattered about, akin to something off any Mortician album. Things start off like sitting in on a therapy session with a woman answering about why she cuts herself before exploding into violent, visceral Black Metal along the lines of the Ambience and Noise ideas of Redneck crossed with early Von or a less-digital Anaal Nathrakh sans the Grindcore elements, complete with altered vocals that sound like one or more pigs snarling. The pace switches to a distant Jazz presence behind a man discussing how he drove without a license, eventually changing gears once more back to the high speed aggression to compliment the dialogue shift to murder, though first going through some Depressive Black Metal hooks.

Sadly, Self Reversed just isn’t a memorable experience. The music itself is pretty good, though not really all that great other than being able to really pick up on each instrument without one bleeding into another or riffs and bass notes getting lost to become one jumbled mess. However, these audio chunks just become obnoxious by the seven minute mark. Sure the throat singing in the background or a spoken word layer over another helps fill the gaps, even when the samples themselves stop, but the deeper you get, the longer they become, and the less they really offer to the final product, eventually becoming boring shortly after they start.

Is Self Reversed some sort of hidden gem Black Metal fans will immediately become immersed in? Well, it is possible in the music at times, as there’s some solid guitar work and legitimate brutality accompanied by a nice subtle burdening sensation. However, as an overall performance, the barren audio samples are just too much. If they genuinely had more to offer to the song, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem. Sadly, these seem to get lost in the idea, starting out with self-mutilation then shifting to murder, both from different people. Had it been the same and maybe about someone’s gradual shift to killing nubile teenagers or teen couples, it would have worked out a lot better. Instead, it’s like listening to some staged therapy session with segments of late eighties to early nineties second wave Black Metal demo recordings with blast beats thrown in. If you acquire this for any reason other than collectability, chances are high you’ll walk away bored with this follow-up that isn’t as powerful as Sect Pig‘s debut.

Sect PigDigital review copy of this release provided by Nuclear War Now! Productions.