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The Metal Meltdown: Episode 002 - Offal Halloween

Episode Two: Offal Halloween

Apoch and The Brute (finally) return to bring the next episode of the Metal Meltdown podcast! After a good deal of personal problems over the past month preventing the recording, concepts and how the internet has ruined them, touch on the upcoming albums from Unleashed and Brujeria, learn Six Degrees of Scott Stap is apparently a thing, somehow keep coming back to Slipknot, but most importantly premier a new song by a highly infamous Death Metal band that hasn’t issued any new material since their 1994 demo courtesy Kaotoxin Records!

Oh, and the audio levels are better.

Music in this episode includes:
Brujeria: Pito Wilson
Valdrin: Rusalka Succubus (Beyond the Forest)
At The Gates: Eater of Gods (At War with Reality)
Saxon: Never Surrender (Denim an Leather)
October 31: Down at Lover’s Lane (Bury the Hatchet)
The Lurking Corpses: The Gate (Workin’ for the Devil)
Putrid Offal: Suffering (Suffering EP, upcoming full-length)